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eCommerce – online shopping will account for almost $800 billion this year in the U.S. Alone, Up over 30% from last year. ecomm is the way of the future. 

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Now is the Time to Start an Online Business.

We have seen a massive shift towards online shopping over the years, but nothing like what this latest crisis has shown us. The shift from shopping in malls and local shops to online orders has excellerated the e-commerce growth beyond what anyone could have predicted.

This trend is not like to slow down, as a whole we are always looking for easier ways of doing thinigs and applying technology when ever possible to achieve this. The convienence of ordering from the comfort of your own home on a mobile device is the new Trend.

If you have ever thougth about owning your own business, creating a brand, or selling your own designs, but thought it was just to hard and impossible to be successful?

Well your not alone, most of us do have doubts.. my doubts changed from “it’s to hard” to “it’s possible” when I see so many people succeeding in such a short time with ECX Academy. 

  ” Change is the Law of Life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the Future”-John F. Kennedy

“Traditional retail sales have declined but e-commerce has seen a 129% year-over-year growth in the U.S. and Canada orders” 

Jia Wertz

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Amazing Success With the New ECX Academy

Have you ever thougth of opening your own business? An online store is the fastest and cheapest option! The world is changing, are you ready to embrace it and take action or watch from the side lines as the world changes.

Why Choose Us

What is ECX Academy?

The Future is here, Working from home is going to be more prelevant in the years to come. Right now there is a massive shift away from brick and mortar stores to online shopping. ECX academy im Academy

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Choose Your Mentor / Educator

There are a growing number of Mentors / Educators being added regularily. 

Im Academy ECX academy chris reiff

Chris Reiff

Chris has been working hard rolling out ECX Academy, He has been the driving force behind bringing this to fruition. Nes Vquez IM Academy

Spela Sluga

Director of Education, ECX Academy De'el Woods Im Academy HFX Binary options

Arianna LLerandi

ECX Academy Educator.

Why Choose Us

ECX is Part Of IM Academy

If you can spare a few minutes, we would love for you to see why we are so excited about IM Academy and developing a skill set that will be my own asset.

Why I Chose

IM Academy Family Im Academy forex

Get Excited

That moment when the light bulb goes off in our brain, and we the possiblities.

www.smarttrades.liveIm Academy forex

Live Educators

Tune in Live and trade with hundreds of educators from all walks of life and languages.. find your mentor. Im Academy forex

Seed The Belief

building your belief allows you to reach down and help others, believe that they are capabel of great things. Im Academy forex Im Academy forex

Learn A New Skill

The old adage give a person a fish and they eat for a day, teach someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime. IM academy

Reach For The Stars

Education and mentoring allows us to set our goals high! The family and support is the fuel that gets us there. IM academy forex trading

Keys to Your Future

Knowledge, Mindset, and Growing are the foundations to unlocking the beliefs in your ability to achieve great things.

Expert Mentors

Massivly successful Buisnessmen and Entrepreneurs

Alex Morton

Alex Morton

Chairman 750

Alex Morton is a self-made multi-millionaire, business momentum catalyst, and one of the highest earning network marketers on the planet, who teaches people around the globe how to be, do, and have anything they desire. To create quantum leaps in your life

Bob Procotor

Bob Procotor

Master Mentor

IM mastery academy. We are very excited to announce the exclusive partnership with world renowned, motivational speaker and author, Bob Proctor!
Bob will be doing live webinars on Go Live twice per month

David Imonitie

David Imonitie

Chairman 750

David Imonitie continues to serve the IM mastery academy™ as they are preparing for the 2020 vision of becoming a 1 Billion dollar company helping over 1,000,000 active customers learn & earn a life of fulfillment.


What People Are Saying

“My Life – My ability to make a huge difference in this world is forever changed because of this academy”

Jason B

United States

“Worth more than money – it’s taught me how to live a more meaningful life and to spend it with people I love”

Gary M


“Having the total freedom of living out my dreams & doing things my very own way has brought the greatest joy.”

Monika T


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Ready to Make a Change?

If nothing else 2020 has shown us that we are no as secure in our job, finances, health as we thought we were. Gone are the days of Plan B… we need to push ourselves and be ready with Plan C, D, and E if needed.

If your Ready For Change lets talk.