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I Was Wrong! Why I Changed My Mindset.
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Forex Wasn't For Me!

  • I didn’t have the Education.
  • I didn’t have the Money.
  • I didn’t have the Time.
  • I had no one to learn from.

  These were just some of the many preconceived notions I had about forex and cryptocurrency. I also had no idea how big the forex market was.. over 5 Trillion dollars a day, and the Cryptomarket is in the Billions as well. 

What I discovered is that with IM Academy I wasn’t doing this alone, infact with our team we have trading sessions, meetups, hangout, and other live events where we can ask questions and build relationships with people that have the same mindset. 

Live mentors, walk you through the markets, explain their strategy and indicators, mark up the market patterns and call out trade setups that we can join in on, these are trades that they are putting their own money on.

IM Academy also has educational courses you take along the way, ranging from beginner to Advanced, courses that you can work through at your own pace. Before too long i was marking up my own charts and taking my own trades.

The most exciting point is that I am learning a skill set that I can build on and be independent. In these times with people losing their jobs, quarantined in their homes and social distancing this is the perfect opportunity. Take the time to have a serious look at IM Academy.

This might be a perfect match for you.

Dan Carlson


Ther are so many reasons why I picked IM Academy, One of the most powerful reason was the countless testimonies from people I have a lot of respect for.


Live Educators


Apps and Indicators

My Favorite Market Scanners

I was going to list my favorite educators but there are so many that I follow I couldn’t put them all on here so I’ll stick to a few market scanners that I use to trade with.










Top Reasons I Joined

1. Live Mentors

Over 100 Live mentors in the 4 Academies, Live education on the markets, mindset, proper risk management. I trade with 7 figure earners live, I put my money where they put theirs. So for the success rate has been @80-95% .

2. Apps / Indicators

Each academy has their own set up apps and market indicators, within the indicators there are special market analyzing tools that I use to call my own trades now.

3. Financial Growth

The ability to control my own financial growth, not setteling for the banks or investment bankers 5-10% growth a year, instead I’m getting 2-10% a day for the most part. I also like the fact that I can build a team, earn income from helping others take charge of their financial future, I just roll that money back into trading. 

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